1969 Undergraduate program(B.A.) established.
2004 Graduate program (M.A.) established
2011 Graduate admission for PRC students opened
2012 Dual/joint degree MA program with Sociology and Population Studies, RenMin University of China, started
2013 Recruitment for the Dual/joint degree MA program?

Our sociology department aims at turning our students into all-rounded persons. We believe that our graduates have been trained with professional skills and knowledge of sociology, as well as their love and sense of being a member of civil society in Taiwan. Furthermore, we expect to equip students with their keen perspective on many global issues.


In sum, our department goal is to help students in the following ways:



Our faculty members have vibrant and diverse specialties, such as sociological theories, urban sociology, demography, medical sociology, social stratification, economic sociology, sociology of development, sociology of childhood and family. Our faculty members are dedicated to teaching and research, with various production and substantial publications (e.g. in SSCI-listed and TSSCI-listed journals).


Recently, faculties and students at FJU sociology department have been actively involved in social praxis and social engagement to address varieties of social issues and bring about desirable social change. Cases such as the Industrial Union of Taiwan Higher Education, Anti-Poverty movement, Credit card Debtors Association, social enterprise projects, government-funded research… etc. We believe these involvements have assisted both faculty and students to develop a better public sociology in the future.


Contact Information

Secretary, Undergraduate Program
Secretary, Graduate Program
OFFICE: SL353,3rd floor, Loyola Hall