Undergraduate Students

(The major language of all courses in Mandarin)

University Requirement (32 credits)
1st year 2nd year
Time for Class Advisor Time for Class Advisor
All-out Defense Education Military Training Foreign Language
Chinese -
Foreign Language (English) -
Introduction to University Studies -
Physical Education -
3rd year 4th year
Time for Class Advisor Time for Class Advisor
Philosophy of Life Professional Ethics
General education requirement
Students have to take 4 credits from each field, and it requires at least 2 credits from the field of Humanities and Arts.
Requirement for Sociology Major (34 credits/ 30 credits for the fall of 2017 students)
1st year 2nd year
Sociology: An Introduction I Social Research
Sociology: An Introduction II Sociological Theory I
Social Statistics -
3rd year 4th year
Socciological Theory II Bachelor's Thesis II
Bachelor's Thesis I -
Elective Courses for Sociology Major (40 credits)
Elective courses are subject to change every calendar year.
Additional elective courses (22 credits/ 26 credits for the fall of 2017 students) can be earned from other departments.
Social Structure and Organizations Family and Gender
Collective Behavior and Social Change Gender Studies
Social Stratification and Social Inequalities Sociology of the Family
Social History and Social Studies Sociology of Childhood
Contemporary French Sociological Theories Sociological Seminar-Youth Study
Global Perspectives on Social Change Sociology of Aging
Introducing the 21st-Century IP Theory Introduction to Sociology of Love and Intimacy Relationship
The Sociology of Leadership and Organizations -
Culture and Psychology Health Care and Technology
The sociology of museums Sociology of Health and Illness
Contemporary Japanese Society Science, Technology and Everyday Life
Sociology of Consumption Medical Sociology
Sociology of Emotion Technology, Development & Environment
Sociology of Leisure Technology, Development, and the End of Development Studies
Visual Sociology -
Cultural Anthropology -
Sociology of Knowledge -
Performing the Society -
Media and Communication -
Psychology -
Social Psychology -
Sociology of Arts -
Identity Politics -
Cybersociology -
Cross Cultural Studies -
Economic and Social Issues and Development Sociological Methods and Applications
Sociology of Financial Markets Sociology of Arts
Economic Sociology Emprical and Quantitative Social Analysis
Social Issue and Social Innovation Sociology of Law
Analyzing Taiwan Research analysis of Juvenile deviant behavior
Market Reform and Social Change in China Social survey of public opinion
Sociological Inquiry on China's Reform Reflexivity and Creativity in Social Sciences
Sociology of History Embarrassing Sociology
Sociology of Labor Categorical Data Analysis
Economics Housing and Urban Studies
Analysis of International Society Internal And International Migration
Introduction to criminology Social Network Analysis
The Sociology of Crime Analysis Data Analysis with R
Risk and Society Application of Sociology and Career-planning
Studies on the Chinese Society & Economy Seminar on Social Issues between Taiwan and Japan
The End of Development Studies Data Visualization in the Social Sciences
Demographic transition and transformation of love and intimacy relationship An Introduction on the Theory & Management of the Nonprofit Organization
Social Structure and the Development of Industry -
Study on Mainland China & Cross-Strait Relations -
A Revival of Dialogue on Development Studies -
Economy and Society : Beyond Neoliberalism -
Social Issues and Praxis -

Graduate Program (M.A.)

(The Major language of all courses in Mandarin)

Required Courses (10 credits)
1st year 2nd year
Elective Readings from Sociological Scholarship Thesis
Optional Course:
1.Qualitative Research and Practice
2.Quantitative Analysis in Social Sciences
3rd year 4th year
Elective Courses (18 credits)
The Program may recognize up to 4 elective credits earned from another college, department, or university within Taiwan after they have been approved by the Director and the student’s advisor.
Credits and grades earned at an institution overseas through an exchange program with the Program will be recognized and count towards graduation requirements.
Social Structure and Organizations Sociological Methods and Applications
Education, Labor Markets and Social Stratification Sociology Pro Seminar
Social Stratification and Mobility Basic Academic English Training for Social Sciences (English Course)
Organization Development and Change Emprical and Quantitative Social Analysis
- Life Course Analysis: Linking Macro to Micro
- Qualitative Research
Culture, Psychology and Gender Economic and Social Issues and Development
The Sociology of Culture Seminar on Market Sociology
Seminar: Studies of Cultural Capital and Inequalities Seminar on Economic Sociology
Sociology of Objects Specific Topics in the Taiwanese Society
Visual Sociology Seminar on China’s Reform
Seminar: Sociology of Family Social Engagement and Praxis
Seminar: Sociology of Childhood Food, Society and Taiwanese Rural Development
Sociology of Gender Seminar on Rural Studies: Non-human Objects and Post-humanism
- Theory and Practice of Social Economy
Health Care and Technology
Sociology of Mental Health and Illness
Seminar on Sociology of Medicine
Seminar on Science, Technology and Society

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